The late 1980’s, 4 A.M., MTV, and Welcome to the jungle, this was to be one of the greatest moments in rock and roll music history, well, at least in my opinion. A young singer from Indiana and big Aqua-net sprayed hair help push his band into the public’s soul. He got down on his knees and gyrated, the contempt unleashed in his incredible voice. A group of  several stars were born the day of that world premiere video, including soon to be  primadonna, W. Axl rose. There are many corporate instructional workplace papers on managing a top performer, but truly, could rock and roll as we know it suffer what was to come? Oh yes, now the thesis statement, and you can quote me as you like: Axl is a self serving bitch.

I have to say I liked the diving off of the stage when Axl nailed the guy with a camera, taking a freebie shot. I loved the rebellion as a whole, singing about drug use, women for use as objects of gratification, and sleepless crazy meth and alcohol riddled nights (Rocket Queen). The look was somewhat new too. Slash and his ‘evil circus’ top hat, Axl’s serpentine dance, the unassuming rebellious look of the entire band. The formula was right, the time was right, the sound was right, all was right, am I right?

I defended the gunners when I would hear some yokel saying Metallica is a better band. Metallica’s type of music was really nothing new to me, having grown up around garage bands, especially bands that wanted to sound like a group of hard-asses. I saw Metallica as a bunch of posers. The lyrics alone in GnR’s debut album were undeniable, showing the true disposition of the streetwise. Even in those days, Lars Ulrich made me sick to my stomach, but that’s a different blog. I was there for GnR, but this year, 2010, it all changed.

Why in the hell would you build a band, make one of the all time greatest hard rock albums in history, then start trying to change the line up with rules? Now, you’re right, this article has a lot of I’s, hell, it could be all I’s, but never would my writing be more ego-centric than Axl Rose. It is HIS band, but c’mon douchebag, who are you to start by getting rid of Izzy Straddlin’. He might have had a personal issue, but you need to worry about Axl. When you pulled that stunt did he ask you why you had boned the drummer’s girlfriend a few years earlier? Or did he refuse to share his dope? Your meth mottled teeth in those first videos can’t hide the facts. OH wait, yes you did bone Adler’s girlfriend, and guess what, hello Matt Sorum from the cult for the next album set. Can’t say that I didn’t like Matt Sorum’s work, but he belonged with the Cult and your dick belonged anywhere but in Adler’s girlfriend. Wikipedia says Adler left due to his drug issues, but I’m a fan from ‘back-in-the-day’ and I remember why he really left. I remember when you fired Izzy. Who did you pay to broadcast the bullshit story on Wikipedia?

Breaking it down:

  • Geffen gets you in on MTV late rotation as a favor
  • Superstardom found in Welcome to the Jungle
  • Adler “leaves” the band
  • Axl hires Sorum
  • Manager Niven fired
  • St. Louis Riot (really, hiding Fuck You St Louis in fine print?)
  • Izzy leaves, sick of Axl’s shit
  • Gilby Clarke hired
  • Montreal riot
  • Gilby Clarke, “Hired Hand”, fired after UYI tour
  • 1994 Chinese democracy whisper is going around
  • 1996 Slash and Sorum leave “your” band
  • 1997 McKagan leaves the band
  • 2001 Concert with all new members except: Guess?
  • 2008 14 years later Chinese Democracy is released
  • 2010 I’ve decided that Axl has destroyed my favorite band

Well, that’s how it goes. I stuck by your decisions and music for all of these years. Hell, I went to your show when you opened for Aerosmith back in 1989. Anyhow, “thanks to the lame security”, take this big middle finger Axl and keep it warm. It’s 20 years of “Now you’re classic rock” later.


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