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What a scary, disturbingly sick ride! I wanted to do myself a solid, so I decided to buy a twisted new and disturbing thriller at Kindle ebooks for my self:  Demonsleep: Succubus Ascending, written by Binger Ray. I had wanted this sick Thriller in paperback.

The book itself, well, turned out to be downright disturbing to say the least. SCORE! The story was very reminiscent of the Movie Se7en… it had that kind of an ending, except this one felt even more uncomfortable. There are deaths, carnage, demons, sex, and drug use. Yes friends, there’s foul-play galore. It all ends with a very gripping twist. The whole time that I was reading I couldn’t help but feel like someone was in my attic watching me; Someone who was not the Easter Bunny! I will have to leave all of the creepiness for you to find out on your own.

Psychologically disturbing? YES. Kinda made me feel violated? YES again. He’s writing another? Yes again! WIN WIN WIN!!!

I woke up on Sunday of this week and had a song in my head that I heard in a dream that I was having. Now, I know it sounds weird, but it’s also the way that I learned how to play guitar, though that’s hard rock. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. I’d love for someone to finish it and put it to music. Any Takers? I want to hear it again! It was to the tune of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” but faster with less of a foreboding feel…. Here it is:

Baby We’re Goin’ Out

Turn up the radio it’s

My favorite song

Let down your hair baby

Yeah, Let it hang long

You know why?

Baby we’re goin out!

Well I’ll put on my boots

And my old Blue Jeans

Headin’ to the Honky Tonk

With my little queen

Get your dancin shoes on

And that little red dress

I called the sitter

Don’t you worry ’bout the rest

You know why?

Baby We’re goin out!

I’d love to hear it to music or hear others input on this…. so, No copyright, No claim…

Let’s call it open source songwriting!

A butterfly’s wings, akin to a razor’s edge                

cut a lesser insect’s throat

Insolent voices in flight

Beyond our hearing

Knowing that the rest are reprehensible

while they’re on duty…

Ready or not, here I come....

The Funniest Thing That I've Ever Read....

This recipe is one of my family favorites. It was passed to me by my step-father, who was from Monterrey, Mexico. The dish, which can be adjusted for spiciness via cooking times, will easily become a favorite with your family or guests also.

It goes well by itself, in a tortilla as a taco, or over a nice cooked rice. It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But I prefer it for dinner, as no one usually wants to wake up to the Jalapeno burn in their eyes; you’ll find out what I mean as you cook. Okay, let’s do this first with a list of needs:


2-2.5 Lbs of Pork Steaks, Chops, or Pork Country Style Ribs

1 Medium Onion

3/4 Cup Pickled Nacho Sliced Jalapenos 0r 3 fresh. More if you want! (I prefer pickled, it adds savor)

3 Large Ripe Roma tomatoes

Garlic Salt (I use McCormick’s California Style Garlic Salt with Parsley)

1 Cup of Brewed Coffee

3 Tbsp + 1 Tbsp Cooking oil

Now the Directions:

Heat a large black iron skillet on medium-high and add cooking oil, dice the onions, put them into the skillet with the jalapeno slices, as if sauteing. But, remember you’re not sauteing, you’re going to be braising until they begin to blacken. DO NOT LINGER OVER THIS MIXTURE TOO MUCH WHILE COOKING. IT WILL BURN YOUR EYES.

Carne Con Chiles is NOT Chile con carne...

Stir, but NOT CONSTANTLY. ALLOW THEM TO COOK. While cooking the onion Jalapeno mix, dust with 1 teaspoon full of GARLIC SALT.  Yes, one FULL teaspoon. The onions and Jalapenos will try to stick. Occasionally scrape them from the bottom. The mix will be browned and sticky when it’s ready for the next step. The amount of cooking at this point will project how spicy the Jalapenos remain. The longer you cook this, the less spicy it becomes. Adjusting the spiciness will take practice. But once you cook this dish for a meal, you’ll be cooking it again soon, trust me.

While that is cooking, take the pork, bone it and slice it into bite sized pieces. Be very careful. Chack and double check. Your reputation is at stake. Next, when the onion/Jalapeno mix is “done” add the pork, one more teaspoon of Garlic Salt, and the full cup of coffee to the skillet/onion-Jalapeno mixture.  Stir frequently while cooking, remembering to scrape the bottom of the iron skillet to un-stick the caramelized veggies. Now, dice the Roma tomatoes and set aside.

Cook at this temp until the coffee evaporates and the mixture begins to braise. Make sure all of the pork is done by color before tasting. Is it done? Good. Now, add more garlic salt until the taste is exploding in your mouth. Taste as you go. Add tomatoes and turn heat to medium. Cook until the tomatoes disintegrate into the dish. Turn heat to low. Taste again. Did it explode your salivary glands? Then it’s ready.

For tacos, serve with warm corn tortillas, sharp cheddar cheese (Colby or Longhorn are very good here), sour cream, shredded lettuce and fresh diced avocado. Serves up just as well on a bed of rice, or on Nachos, but to me, tacos are the most portable (tomorrows lunch).

This is a traditional dish that has a lot of room for experimentation. The recipe also works well with chicken instead of pork. Feliz Dia! Let me know how yours turned out… it takes about thirty minutes.