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He doesn't take to infidelity lightly....


Roller Coaster Ride... Extreme Style


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In a dazzling show of force, people in countries, towns, and cities celebrated Easter once again by hunting for Easter eggs with their children, finally signifying that the Easter bunny has defeated the peeps militia. Image

Although the war was quite epic and commercially backed by sponsors, millions upon millions of peeps were beheaded and turned into a fruit salad additive, supposedly because of theirĀ  unique marshmallow sugariness (Recipe below). However, no food-fight is without Allied casualties of the tasty kind.

Many millions of eggs were hard boiled, colored, decorated and hidden by the Easter Bunny, only to be discovered in their festive victory regalia by hungry children and adults. After a brief head-count of the casualties, their brightly colored hard shells were destroyed. The remains were then transferred to tasty and festive holiday dishes around the globe.

Dishes such as: Easter Egg Salad, deviled eggs, and a surprisingly savory potato salad additive for garish backyard victory parties. Though Easter Bunny believers are safe, many parties are also scheduled in various remaining peep-lover strongholds around the world.

Though this display is one of anarchy and futile resistance, the peep lovers are unwittingly playing into the Easter bunny’s trap.

The Easter bunny, without remorse, executed a vicious “hidden-in-the-egg” gas attack around the globe on these strongholds, rendering these traitorous interlopers helpless in their future plans to overtake Easter bunny territories.

Beheaded Peeps Fruit Salad:

1 Package of Peeps (Beheaded)

1/2 Cup Chopped Walnuts

1 Cup Canned Mandarin Oranges (Tangerines)

1 cup Canned Crushed Pineapple

1 Cup Shredded and Sweetened Coconut

2 Cups Grapes

1 Full Container Cool Whip


Mix all in a big bowl, chill, serves a bunch.

Easter Egg Salad:

12 Hard Boiled Eggs (Shelled)

3 Tbsp Mayonnaise (Not Miracle Whip)

3 Tbsp Yellow Mustard

1/4 Cup Finely Chopped Onion

1/4 Cup Finely Chopped Celery (If you want)

1 Tsp Paprika

1/4 Cup Dill Pickle Relish


Chop eggs, onion, and celery. Mix all in large bowl. Salt and pepper to taste.

Tom Winter: He’s one of my newest heroes. Tom is a professor of classics and religious studies at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He’s all of sixty-eight years old, is a qualified private pilot, rides a bike four miles a day to work, and is a champion roller skater. He knows how to live. I wonder if he’s on the Grindtv site?

Many of us at a ripe old ago of say… 35-40, will undoubtedly “put away our childish things“. My question is why? If it

Never get old, never become complacent.

makes you happy, how can that be so horrible? Now, you all know that I’m not talking about alcohol, drugs, or sex. But I am talking about being involved in football, baseball, hockey, skateboarding, bungee, etc. And by involved, I’m talking about being in the game. Is complacency and rotting away the norm? Is this the standard? Well then I guess I’ll choose to be an adolescent at heart, just as Tom does.

Tom claims to be a nineteen year old with 68 year-old joints. Well Tom, keep on keeping on. Don’t get complacent or convinced that an adult must whittle away their hours in front of a television set, on the couch, drinking beer or soft drinks to prove their level of maturity. Live your life to the fullest. Those aren’t the real memories… save those things for when you’re old.

I still ride a skateboard at 46, SCUBA, sailboard, play Frisbee, and work outside…. all in the Texas heat, and all for leisure. I’m up for a good game of tackle football. I might hit a home run on the baseball field. Yes, is said baseball, not softball. I refuse to be propped in a corner and fed with a slingshot with nothing short of a heart attack, stroke, or aneurism. And even then, they’d have to kill me to keep me “out to pasture“, and I don’t want to be pasteurized.

Too many people have too much time on their hands and can’t find usefulness in their senior years. It’s a shame, it’s always been a shame. Feel your hearts beat for a change. I know that feeling all too well!

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